business units


IPS Legal

Intellectual Property (registration of trademarks and patents in Panama and the world through our boutique firm in the hands of our correspondents), Copyright (protection of works: literary, artistic, audiovisual, multimedia (content of web pages and blogs) , as well as the protection of computer software or programs, as well as in obtaining Health Records.

ILH Accounting

Preparation and custody of financial statements and accounting records. Business unit made up of a group of authorized public accountants (CPA), through which we can provide accounting services in Panama, USA, BELIZE, Uruguay.

ILH Compliance

Specialized advice on the Prevention of Money Laundering under a Risk-based methodology. Hand in hand with professionals with extensive experience, we offer solutions to adapt to the laws in force in this matter for both the financial and non-financial sectors, guiding them to have due compliance in accordance with Law 23 of 2015.

ILH Digital

Website development, social media management and digital marketing strategies with great sales results. Drafting of privacy policy, terms and conditions, legal notice and use of cookies, elements required by the new data protection laws worldwide (GDRP) without excluding the use of cookies.

ILH Business

With the help of qualified advisors, we are dedicated to analyzing your business carefully, finding opportunities for improvement, putting them in order of greater importance (and return on investment) and finally delivering a detailed improvement plan.

ILH Real Estate

Purchase and sale of properties through our real estate company.