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Trust us as the allies of your business and investments: We offer advisory services and legal practice for companies and individuals, national and foreign, in the investment process and constitution of new businesses, preparation and review of commercial contracts, sale structure of properties and securities, among others.

Let us assist you, thanks to our network of offices, in the constitution of reserve companies, standard or with special requirements: anonymous, limited liability, civil, limited partnerships, Liability Limited Companies, Liability Limited Partnerships, as well as private interest foundations, in at least 15 territories of convenience.

  • Incorporation of companies in several jurisdictions such as Belize, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao, Seychelles, Samoa, Cyprus, Delaware, Florida, Nevada, Wyoming, New York, California, Panama, New Zealand and Marshall Islands.
  • The constitution of Foundations in New Hampshire (USA), Belize, Anguilla, Seychelles and Panama.
  • Ship and yacht registration in BVI, Belize, Anguilla, Seychelles, Samoa, Marshall Islands, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, Cyprus, United States of America and Panama.
  • Bank account opening management in Panama, Belize, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Miami, Cyprus, and other venues.


We ensure the tax duties of your company or foundation are up to date as to international income, business intermediation, double taxation avoidance treaties, among other services, working hand in hand with our attorneys and tax advisers.


We take care of matters of Administrative Law, complying with notarial procedures, registering public deeds and procedures of interest for your company or foundation, in accordance with the regulations of the convenience territory.


We take care of the administrative law area with the execution of notarial procedures, registry of public writers, and other procedures of interest to your company or foundation, in accordance with the regulations and laws in the territory of your convenience.


We assist you throughout all the stages of your government procurement processes: from the call to tender up to the signature of the contract and fulfillment of same, in accordance with Law 22 of 2006 (and its amendments) within the regulatory framework of government procurement in Panama.

We likewise lend support to you in operations such as:

  • Solicitation documents, security, translations, certifications and others
  • Claims filed at the office of the General Administration of Government Procurement
  • Objection recourses at the Government Procurement Administrative Court
  • Other recourses and instances.


Because of its robust and sustained economic growth, Panama has become one of the main immigration centers in Latin America for foreigners from all over the world seeking to invest, develop businesses or practice professionally in our country.

We help you during the entire immigration process in applying for the visa or residence, both temporary and permanent, best fitting your individual profile and that of your executives.  Factors may vary depending on the recommended status, such as the terms of residence, the possibility or not of opting for Panamanian citizenship, the addition of dependents or relatives and, naturally, the costs and requirements of the formalities, among other issues.

  • Residence for Friendly Nations

Citizens of countries with which Panama has a certain kind of agreement or treaty may apply.

Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, United States of America, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uruguay, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Slovakia, Spain. 

  • Residence for investors

Eligibility for investors depositing a minimum share capital of US$160,000.00 in shares of a Panamanian macro company or corporation, or for financial solvency with a minimum opening deposit of US$300,000.00 in a time deposit or in the acquisition of real property.


Eligibility criteria and formality requirements will vary.

  • Residence for professional foreigners

Foreigners that have a job offer from a Panamanian company may apply for 2 years of temporary residence, with the possibility of renewing same as permanent residence, in cases where they fall within the 10% of foreign staff on the payroll of the said company, they earn a salary equal to or exceeding US$850.00 a month, and their profession is not among those whose practice is restricted solely to Panamanians.

  • Residence for Italian citizens

Italian citizens may apply under a special agreement between Panama and Italy which makes it possible for Italians to reside permanently in our country. 

  • Residence for retirees

Pensioners or retirees wishing to retire in Panama and who receive a pension from a foreign government, an international organization or a private company in an amount not less than US$1,000.00 a month, for life.

  • Permanent residence for reasons of family reunification

We help you to reunify with your relatives in Panama by taking care of the residence procedure for foreigners married to foreign nationals, foreigners who are dependents of permanent residents, and foreigners with Panamanian children.


Avoid losses and prevent financial risks.  We advise and help you with bank and trust as well as insurance and reinsurance agreements, depending on your company’s field or industry, the potential risks to be prevented and the terms and conditions most favorable to you.  We likewise take care of the design and management of national and international structures for the coverage of potential accidents in any country.

Given its prominent international banking center, Panama is one of the first investment and financing destinations in Latin America. We are your allies for various services related to banking and finance, such as opening bank accounts (savings, current, fixed term) in banks in various jurisdictions; comprehensive financial advice, specifically related to the non-discretionary management of investment portfolios (in the hands of our allies); investment advice in the local and international stock market; and others such as account reporting and structuring of investment portfolios.



Avoid losses and prevent economic risks. We advise and assist you in contracting insurance and reinsurance depending on the area or industry of your company, the potential risks to prevent and the most favorable terms and conditions for you. Likewise, we take care of the design and administration of national and international structures to cover potential claims in any country.

Leave your legal representation in the experienced hands of our specialists in this field.  We will fight in favor of your interests before the Judicial Branch and at Arbitration Courts in the following cases:

  • Judicial collection of delinquent clients
  • Different kinds of disputes

Civil Law, Commercial Law, Banking Law, Family Law, Labor Law, Criminal Law, Insurance and Reinsurance Law, relating to Companies, relating to Private Foundations and Trusts, Trademark Law (oppositions, cancellations, invalidities, unlawful use, piracy) relating to construction and laws relating to consumers and the defense of competition.



Having one of the foremost  merchant marines because of the Panama Canal, the Republic of Panama provides a ship registry for foreigners and nationals in which all requirements are fulfilled relating to the management of ships, pollution control standards, security and safety controls, technical criteria and tax matters.

We assist in the process of registering ships and ship mortgages in Panama and different jurisdictions in the world for our clients, efficiently and easily.

We carry out the incorporation of private investment companies and the structuring of private investment mutual funds in Panama, thanks to our team of attorneys specialized in stock markets.  We include the notice of compliance to the Stock Market Superintendence (SMV) and the annual certification to the SMV in accordance with the requirements of the law.



On a par with the technological tools that current companies have, we are proud to offer computer solutions in accordance with local and international legal standards, with services such as email, the acquisition and hosting of dominions, mass emailings, social network management, technological marketing and other specialized solutions.


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